A bit about me.

Name: youcangetholdofjules 🙂

Age: Varies, but its going up, not down

Height: Steady. Not going up or down.

Interests: Traveling. Fixing things, principally mobile phone networks (ie. my job). Fast cars. Music. All sounds very ordinary. Its (hopefully) a little less ordinary than that.

What the blog is all about: well, I am struck silly by some of the incredibly mindless things I see going on in the world. Tales of such amazing and intricate stupidity that almost seem like evil genius. Until you realise that they are not. They are merely results of the way things are, that, in general, we have allowed money to run everything, dictate terms, screw everything, and then somehow blame us. Vested interests, man. So this blog is one that highlights some of these things, and yep, its safe to say its going to be fairly politically incorrect, but then what do you want – the status quo where those corporations who can are busily raping our planet out of existence, or to consider new ideas, new technologies and a willingness to understand and challenge the problems that we have allowed to grow.

I am not a leftie, righty, greenie, lobbyist, commie, corporatist, ethnologist, sociopath, psychopath, botanist, archaeologist, I don’t have any agenda except to try and see things with as little bias as possible.

I am however someone who loves innovation, thinking outside the box, using his head to solve problems, and being as constructive in my approach to things as possible.

My major influences – Stratfor, Mauldin Economics, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, David Stockman, Haaretz, FT, Bloomberg, TradingEconomics (Graphs turn me on…). Mainstream media I think upon as the people who introduce each story, and its up to us to sift between them, the conspiracy theorists, statisticians, the paywalled sites with the real information to get to some level of real understanding. I never stop reading, I never stop trying to make sense of situations – with the conclusion that the conclusions others make are seriously and willfully ignorant. Most of what we consider “News” is just propaganda, masquerading as facts. With a rapidly worsening trajectory.

I will intersperse this list with a few of my better travel stories too. What goes on tour should really stay on tour, but needless to stay, thats been where all the action has happened, and I have many a tale to tell…

I hope you enjoy reading.