Syria and the flavour of bombs

If you read the mainstream western media, you get the distinct impression that there are two types of bombs – good ones and bad ones. Good ones are those dropped by the west, and bad ones come from Russia. This is how stupid the media has become, or how much of a bunch of idiots they take us for. We hear all the time about how terrible barrel bombs are (while things like Napalm like the US used in Vietnam, or white phosphorus like Israel uses in the Occupied Territories are OK – because its us that’s using them).

The level of dipshitery in the media is amazing, but seemingly effective – when you speak to others about things like the war there, they love to parrot how bad Assad is and how the rebels deserve better given the violence that is dished out to them. Well, its a war, and I’m pretty sure the rebels are giving as good as they get, and if you stop to see who these rebels are – jihadists, and traditional enemies of the Alawites (Assad’s tribe) – just picture what a Syria run by them would actually look like. Just as brutal, only now hardline Muslim instead of the secular government of Assad. The problem with Assad is not Assad, its who’s backing him. The west has supported a lot of very bad leaders in the past. For a weak Russia who is running out of money and a declining population as well as a whole raft of other problems, we seem to be seriously afraid of them. I dont think they are on an expansionist bent. They dont have the money for it. They could have invaded Ukraine (like properly invaded, not just turned the Donbass area into a soup) – and won. The consequences would have been pretty catastrophic, but I doubt they even were seriously thinking of it. In Syria, Assad is their guy there, and things look to be heating up to dangerous levels as Russia steps up support, and the US is slowly becoming more directly involved. But why – who gives a fuck if Syria is a Russian ally. This isn’t the cold war, Russia is done as a superpower, and the sooner the war ends the better for everyone. The US can demand all it likes for Russia to stop supporting Assad, but they should stop supporting the Jihadists – they are not moderates. Moderates dont carry weapons.

Every time I hear the words “Barrel Bomb” I think of “Napalm” and “White Phosphorous” and remember its all just fucking propaganda. If you want to stop the killing, then one side has to win. If the jihadists win, then the killing wont stop.